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Full text of "McComb, O., year book containing a complete summary of the local events of the year 1898"

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1 1 ill FTTH 

3 1833 02735 2753 

Gc 977.102 Ml 32b 

Brooks, Harry. 

McComb, 0., year book 
containing a complete 
summary . . . 1898 




i McCOHB, 0., 


(lis I Containing a Complete Summary 

|&j| •' of the Local Events of .the Yeais • 

{ • 'k 

£ saica a o o o ajh j • 

. i p o m ci cl o c- * 

• ! "1 f 1 V~ : } JHARRY BROOKS. , " f 
• ^3 i THB McCOMB RECORD. | £_. ^\ 

" : jP r t.' CI ca □ DQ! E** 


Allen County I . Library 

900 Webster Street 

PO Box 2270 

Fnrt Wayne, IN 46801-2270 


tacuring iu McComb, Ohio, and vaciuily during the 

first six months of the year. 


Compiled from the files of the McComb Record. 

Incidents of Jan. 7, 1808, 

-^^w'N shooting a hog Wednesday 

. I morning, Fred Madouse's 

q I gun burst, and he wu in 

^-^ jured tosuch an extent that 

the loss of one eye is feared. Dr. 

E. G. Ilersh attended to his 


The Dimtown sewer has not beeu 
commenced yet, but as soon as the 
engineer lays the route, the contrail 
is written and the bond signed, and 
the sewer pipe is on the ground, it 
will be pushed ahead. Next week 
will very probably see the work 

Mr. and Mrs. Jas, Morrison en- 
tertained at dinner New Year's day 
the families of J. C. Foster, R. A. 
Roether, C. Clapper, J. T. Smith 
and R. Morrison. 

. Members of the Church of Christ 
and others in the habit of attending 
services there, combined forces and 
presented the organists, Mrs. Metta 
Tipton and Miss Ella Crawford, 
each with a handsome rocking chair 
as B Christmas gift. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bulo were 
called upon to mourn the loss of their 
newly born babe last Monday. 

John Howard Post, G. A. R., 
j will shortly have a public inaUlla- 
! tion of officers. Dr. A. C. Matthias 
has been elected commander, an 
honor conferred upon him eleven 
years in succession by the l'ost at 

Mr. Andrew J. Spitler has sold 
his farm of >7 acres, j4 miles east 
of town, to Mr. Charles Clark, of 
Liberty-tp. Mr. C. takes posses- 
sion April 1. 

Mrs. Caroline Watson entertained 
'at dinner New Year's day Miss J. 
'Kerr, of Grand Rapids. 5li»s Dollie 
Shepard, and Messrs. Francis 
[Fletcher, L. M. Tebbel. II. R. Iv'iu- 

si'v and \v. McLaughlin. 

Mr. L. F. Culp left Wednesday 

1 to resume his studies at Columbus. 
The youmj ladies signalled bis de- 
parture with x shower of rue: 10 I 
as .1 sweet McComb girl took the 
same train, many thongbt a wedding 
party w.u- le.i\ ing. 

Mr. J. \V. Fisher and family en- 
tertained a large party of friends 
Friday last. Among the guests were 
Mr. J. S. Smart, Mrs. Huffman, 
Bowman and Ortb, of Arcadia; Mr. 
J. L. Fisher and sou, of Town wood, 
and Mr. Geo. Stoker and family, of 

In winter we have every kind of 
winter goods; in summer we have 
every kind of summer goods; spring 
and fall ditto; in the gro'cery line, 
we mean, Bierer & Loy the post- 
office grocers. 


Miss Zoe Scoles was "At Home" 
to her host of friends last Tuesday 
evening at the hospitable parsonage 
of her parents, Rev and Mrs. \V. I 
H. Scoles. Mirth, the merry magi- ! 
cian, was master of ceremonies for 
the major part of the evening, only] 
suspending his jurisdiction temporal-- 
ily while the hostess spread before 
the guests a dainty repast, in which i 
she was ably assisted by Masters 
Ralph Scoles and Frankie Kerr. 
The guests from abroad were Miss 
Ethel Brown, of Delta; Miss E. j 
Belle Steiger, of Bowling Green, i 
and Mr. James Cooper, of Newark. I 

The body of Mr. James Fletcher, 
who died at the infirmary was laid 
to rest in McComb cemetery Sun- ■ 

We don't ask for all your Hade, \ 
we just ask for a share of it. We 
believe our methods of doing busi- 
ness will gradually swing the larger 
part of it our way. Bierer & I-oy, . 
the postoffice grocers. 

Incidents of Jan. 14, 1898. 


McComb's aSmith town. There' 
Smith the butcher. Smith the res- 
taurantenr, Smith the novelty store 
man, and Smith the cigar maker. 
Hurrah for Smith. 

The infant child of Mrs. Nellie 
O'Connor died Friday last at the 
home of Mr. Cyrus Dewalt. Fune- 
ral services were held at the Thomas 
church Sunday, and the remains in- 
terred at Pleasant Will cemetery. 

OT HE Presbyterian Sunday school 
♦ I in which Mrs. II. E. Poe has 

-*- been a faithful teacher and 
worker, adopted a resolution of 
thanks and approval last Sunday 
morning, as a parting teslimouial a 
propos to her removal to Bloomdale. 

Work on the Diratown sewer pro- 
ceedeth merrily. 

Born, Jan. 4, 1S99, to Mr. and 
Mrs. Chas St. John, a son. 

Trade with Bierer & Loy, 

McComb, and be happy all the day, 

Work has begun on Will Shoe- 
maker's telephone line to Findlay 

Messrs. Grant Pendleton and Elba 
Morrison haye bought the 
Pendleton tile works. 

Chief of Police Edgington will 
hand in his resignation at the next 
meeting of the city counc 

W. M. 

an will 
te next 
eeting of the city council. 
Mrs. Israel Strouse received a fall 
uesday which resulted in a frac- 
ire of one of ber lower limbs. 

Every week in the year we are 
with you and looking to your needs 
in tiie grocery line. Bierer & Loy. 

Slupe Bros, have sold their groc- 
ery store to Messrs. Justice and 
Sherman Smila, who took possession 
Tuesday of this week. 

Remember us every time you 
start to town and dou't torget to come 
in and see us when you get here. 
Bierer & Lby. 

At the meeting of the K. of P. 
Tuesday evening the following offi- 
cers were chosen: M. of \V., \V. P. 
Cooper; C. C, E. S. Crawford; V. 
C, C. E. Hennev; M. of E. Jos. 
Wasson; M. of F.", O. G. Loy; K. of 
R. & S ., B. F. Freed; M. at A., R. 
A. Roether. 

Hugh McMurray, one of the 
pioneers and successful farmers of 
this county, died at his residence a 
mile west of Van Bureu. His fune- 
ral was held Tuesday. Quite a 
number of our citizens were in at- 
tendance. He was in his 66th year. 
His wife, who was Miss Elisabeth 
Zarbaugb, survives him, together 
with seven children. 

Mrs. Gertie Kridler, who was 
visiting with her parents, Mr. and 
Mrs. Jos. Ewiug, at Dunkirk, died 
Tuesday of this week. Funeral ser 
vices were held Thursday. Mrs. 
Kridler was formerly a resident of 
McComb, Mr. and Mrs. H. Swing, ] 
Mrs. Jacob Barger, .Mr. and Mrs. 
Orlie Yantis, Mrs. J. A. Ewingaudi 
Mrs. Ann Robinson went from here! 
to attend the funeral. 

Councilman Mallott is getting 
brick aud stone on the ground for 
the erection of a two-story building 
in the "burned district." 

Fern Ritter, iufant child of Mrs. 
Frank Ritter, aged 16 months ami 
18 days, died Friday night of last 
week of cerebro spinal meningitis. 
Funeral services were held 3t the 
Church of Christ, McComb, Sun- 
day afternoon, conducted by the 
pastor. Rev. F. B. Jones. Inter- 
ment in McComb cemetery. 

Incidents of Jan. 31, 1808. 
OUNCILMAN Groves has 
1 his farm in Huron Co. 
for the Curtis farm northeast 
of McComb. 

Miss Sallie Allgire went to Dele- 
ware, Sunday, to attend the funeral 
of her aunt, 'Mrs. William Allgire. 

Mr. John Cleviilence and Miss 
Mae Coakley were united in mar- 
riage at Shawtown, last Saturday, 
by Rev. Trask. 

W'm. PoUdorfer, of Miller City. 
has purchased the draying outfit of 
Kinsey Bios. He has purchased a 
residence on Olive avenue. 

A. E. Powell, of Findlay, has 
beeu engaged to do the plumbing 
anil put in the heating apparatus iu 
Mr. J. A. Ewing's new residence 

Mr. Dick Culjj and Miss Bertha 
Moorbead, daughter "t" Mr and Mrs. 
Wm. Moorbead, of Liberty town- 
ship, were married in this city 
Wednesday «( this week. 

Incidents of Jan. 28, 1898. 

g) URPRISE was express- 

^^> ed at the council meet- 

. j ing Monday uigbt that 

'"*- — the old shack of a city 

building had survived Saturday 

night's big blow. 

Mr. Chas Higley, of Town wood, 
and Miss Mae Compton, of Shaw- 
town, were married by ■ 'Squire 
Mitchell, Monday last, at the resi- 
dence of Watson Cory, near Shaw- 

Mr. Ambrose Williams and Miss 
Verna Dillinger were united yester- 
day in the holy bonds of raatrimouy. 
Rev. Jones officiated, the ceremony 
taking place at the Church of Christ 

A tree on Mr. J. A. Ewing's lot 
on West Main street stood in the 
way of the erection of his new dwell- 
ing house. It is about a foot in di- 
ameter. This tree he has had re- 
moved ten feet to a new position. 
The question uow is, will it survive 
the transfer? 

Mrs. Morris Spencer, formerly of 
this place, now of North Baltimore, 
had her left arm broken recently by 
its being caught by the falling plat- j 
form of an elevator, the rope having! 

Uncle John Cusac thinks he is I 
considerable of a cattle raiser. But 
he "isn't in it" with Mr. S. S. Shill- 
ing, of Dewey ville. The latter lays 
it over him after this style: lie 
sold to Peter Grose recentlv a steer 

twenty-four months old which 
weighed 1,080 pounds, and for 
which he received $44.00. Uncle 
John will have to try again. 

It is with considerable satisfaction 
that the Year Book announces to 
the world that McComb uow has 
electric lights. They were formlalv 
turned on last night, after a trial 
the night preyious to get the ma- 
chinery in running order. Come on 
uow, Mr. Palmer Ritchey, and 
keep her going. 

Incidents of Feb. 4, 1898. 

Of HE first telephone message 
» I sent in McComb was by C. E. 
-*- Henney to Martiu and Weiu- 
land last Saturday. These gentle- 
men being the first to put telephones 
into their places of business. 

Born, Jan. 29, 1896, to Mr. and 
Mrs. Clyde Moorhead, a son. 

Married, Thursday, Jan. 2", 1898, 
by Rev. Trask, at Shawtown, Mr. 
W. Swaim and Miss Telia Groff. 

Mr. Abram Keck died at Mt. 
Cory last Friday evening. He was 
79 years old, and had lived in that 
village for the past eight years. 

The Church of Christ was crowd- 
ed to repletion last Suud3y night, at 
the special song service. The 
quartette by Misses Mae Leader and 
Eva Spargliug and Messrs. W. S. 
Rice and C. D. Barker; and the 
vocal solo by Miss Carrie Smith, 
were especially good. 



Corner Main and Liberty St. Oaks' Block. 

Dry Goods, Notions, Cents' Furnishings, 
Groceries, Boots and Shoes. 
We pay the highest price 
for all kinds of coun- 
try produce. Call 

and see us. 

Freed * Mis. 


ATTORNEY at LAW, NOTARY PUBLIC,! Attorney at Law and Notary Public. 

— AND— 


— « m*- — 0HM >— 

City anil Farm, Fire ami Tor- 
nado insurance, written at 
tbe most reasonable 
rates in the oldest, 
and strongest 
companies in 
the world. 
Office—Hull Block. McConib, 0. 

Practices in all courts. 

Especial attention 

given to mat- 

icrs in 



Office -..- Oaks Block. 

McCoinb, Ohio. 





Clothiers # Furnishers. 

We wish to be held in mind by all who make McComb their trad- 
ing point. 

We carry a fine stock. of 

Children's, Boys' Youths'and Men's 

and our prices are right, as low as proper business methods will 
allow. We give one hundred cents' value for every dollar left with 
us. Our GENT'S FURNISHING LINE we make a specialty 
of. Our stock is always up-to-date. 


Ewing 5 Son, 


Mr. Levi Gorby, of Raw-son, the 
purchaser of the farm of Mr. Justice 
Smila, was iu town Wednesday. 
He is preparing to remove to his 
new home about March 1. 

If you hadn't done so before, 
bring that next batch of produce in- 
to Bierer & Loy's, McComb, and 
try their trading once. They be- 
lieve you will continue to do so. 

Mr. E. E. Ilickerson ordinarily 
holds his bead pretty high, by rea- 
son of bis longitude. But Saturday 
morning no man of average altitude 
could pretend to see his head even 
with aid of a telescope, or reach his 
ear without the aid of a long dis- 
tance telephone. The explanation 
thereof lay in this simple announce- 
ment: Born, Saturday; Jan. 20, 
1898, to Mr. aud Mrs. E. E. Hick- 
erson, a son. 

Last Wednesday the following 
charter members assembled in the 
G. A. R. ball for the purpose of or- 
ganizing a lodge of Patrons of Hus- 
bandry: Abrara Bails, John Van- 
sickle, W. E. Shafer, W. C. Ritter, 
G. W. Bysel, Peter Grose, James 
Brown, W. D. Porter, Perry Rudi- 
sill, Arch Rudisill, Wm. Rader, 
Mesdames Ab. Bails, W. E. Shafer, 
Arch Rudisill and Perry Rudisill. 

The following officers were se- 
lected to serve until next January: 

Master, A. Bails. 

Overseer, W. C. Ritter. 

Lecturer, John Vansickle. 

Steward, W. E. Shafer. 

Asst. Steward, Perry Rudisill. 

Chaplain, VV. D. Porter. 
Treasurer, James Brown. 
Secretary, G. W. Bvsel. 
Gatekeeper, Arch Rudisill. 
Pomona, Mrs. A. Bails. 
Flora, Estella Rudisill. 
Ceres, Mrs. Zetta Rudisill. 
LadyAcst. Steward, Mrs. \V. K. 

Incidents of Feb. 


~7\,T" R- J- A. Rumer is now a' 
• /X \ partner with Messrs. Saul 
2y L±\ and Simpkina in tbe saw- 
^ — ■*— ~^ mill businesss. 

Mr. L. C. Dye. from Spenccrville, 
arrived here Monday, aud has taken 
charge of the repair department of 
the store of E. L. Dye «fc Co. 

Mrs Eleanor Burgess, one of tbe 
pioneers of this county, died at her 
home iu Washington township 
Wednesday of last week, at the ad- 
vanced agi' of ~s years. 

Mr. F. M. Ely, aged 3:2 yeai-s. 
died at his home in Fiudlay, Friday 
night last. His remains were 
brought to this place for interment 
in McComb cemetery last Monday. 

Mrs. Wm. Nusbaum passed the 
forty-fifth milestone on her life's 
journey Monday. Her friends and 
neighbors to the number of thirty 
took occasion of the fact to gather at 
her home and help her to celebrate 
the event. The customary big sap- 
per was a conspicuous feature. 

Word has been received bere by 
the relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis 
Slupe, who recently removed from 
here to Michigan, that their infant 
son, and only child, died Thursday 
last from brain fever. 

After a long, well spent life of 
nearly 83 years our fellow citizen, 
Mr. John Smith passed to the be- 
yond last Wednesday evening, Feb. 
8, 1898. 

He was born in Germany, June 
22, 1815, and came to this country 
in the year 1850. lie located near 
Tiffin, in Seneca county, and en- 
gaged there in the shoe business. 
He removed to this (Hancock) Co. 
in 1864, settled on a farm east of 
McComb, and resided there until 
his death. 

Leipsic has only ten doctors, an 
average'of one to each 135 inhabi- 
tants, McComb has one to about 
each 200 population. 

Hull & Emery, of Deweyville, 
are moving their sawmill from the 
Gault school house, where it has 
stood for years, to the farm of Aaron 

A rather comical accident happen- 
ed to Prof. C. D. Barker, the pian- 
ist, about fifteen minutes ago. He 
was playing "On the Banks of the 
Wabash," aud fell in. 

Incidents of Feb. 18, 1898. 

j LARGE concourse of our 

j| citizens assembled at the 

(0/ -*- home of Dr. C. C. Switzer 

in this city Tuesday morning to 

render their last token of regard for 
him whom they esteemed so highly 
when he was a living presence 
among them. 

The doctor was a victim of con- 
sumption, which caused him to give 
up medical practice about two years 
ago, since which he had, by change 
of climate and medication, striven to 
stay the disease. His efforts were 
vain, and early Saturday morning, 
Feb. 12, 1898, his spirit left his 
worn out and feeble frame to pa>8 
through death's mysterious portal 
to the beyond. 

Several of our busiuess rooms 
were lighted by incandescent lamps 
last night. The bell lias begun toll- 
ing for the departure of the kero- 
sene lamps from McComb. 

The Thimble Club met with Miss 
Etta Bricknnn last Saturday after- 
noon aud had an unusually good 
time, as the entire membership was 
present, consisting of Misses Eva 
Sparling, Mae Leader, Sarah Coop- 
er, Jennie Hartje, Pearl Conine, 
Etta Brickman, Ella and Elva Bol- 
ton, Nell Saffell, Cora Coursey and 
Belle Moore. It was agreed to hold 
the next meeting at the home of 
the Misses Bolton, on February 26. 

The C. II. «fc D. sold 73 tickets 
to Findlay Tuesday. 41 were to 
persons attending the funeral of 
Dr. Switzer, by the noon train, and 
32 to parties going to the theater by 
the evening train. 

Messrs. David Wright, C. B. 

McGuinnes, of McCoiub, and Guy 
Marvin, of Findlay, left Tuesday 
morning on a land hunting tour of 
Old Virginia. 

Born, Tuesday, Feb. 15. 1S99, to 
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Witbrow, a 

Born, Feb. 11, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Oscar Alridge, a daughter. 

While Mrs. B. F. Freed was 
visiting her mother, Mrs. S. A. 
Cooper, at Findlay, last week, she 
had the of pleasure drawing out of 
one side the latter's hand a fracture 
of a needle which had been run into 
the other side about a year ago. 

Incidents of Feb. 25, 1898. 

(OT HE "Club" has MeConib in its 
♦ I clutches good and fast. If 
-*- you don't belong to one or the 
other of the dozen or so of them, 
why count yourself an outcast and a 
poor homeless wanderer on the face 
of the earth. 

Born, Feb. 22, 1898, to Mr. and 
Mrs. A. E. Fry, a daughter. 

Two more assignments in Findlay 
emphasize the prevalence of pros- 
perity. The parties are M. Meyers, 
gent's furnishing goods, and Alviu 
L. Askam, grocer. 

Mrs. Maggie Crow received intell- 
igence Saturday of the death of her 
former husband, Mr. Ephraim Crow, 
at Cygnet, that day. She attended 
the funeral Monday. 

An order was issued by the pro- 
bate court Tuesday to sell desperate 
claims in the matter of the assign- 
ment of J. M. Daniels, of .McComb. 

Officer Wro. Holley, of the Find- 
lay police force, was killed Sundav 
night at Stuartsville, where he was 
attempting, in company wttfa Chief 
of Police Krouse and Officer Arthur, 
to capture three men engaged in 
burglarizing the Nickel Plate depot. 

The funeral of the iofant daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Marshal 
was held at the Church of Christ 
Monday afternoon, D. W. Cooper 

Monday afternoon Mr. Bird 
Prebble, son of Captain J. S. Preb- 
ble and wife, died after several 
months' illness. He was 35 yeai-s 
of age. Funeral services were held 
at the family residence Wednesday 
afternoon, conducted bv Rev. D. 
W. Cooper. Mr. A. L. Prebble 
ami family, of Townwood, Mr. and 
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, of Ottawa, 
were in attendance. 

Incidents of Mar. 4, 1898. 

R. PETER Sheets, a pio- 
neer resident of Washing- 
ton township and widely 
and well known 
throughout the county, died Sunday 
last, from Blight's disease. 

Born, Feb. 28, 1898, to Mr. and 
Mrs. Geo. J. Smith, a son. 

Mr. Lewis Strouse has purchased 
for *2,500 the 40 acre farm of Mr. 
Robert Wells. 

Frank A. Griffin, 

Practical, Progressive Funeral 
Director and Embalmer, 

Who needs no introduction to the people of this community, is bet- 
ter equipped than ever for the duties of his calling. Calls answered any- 
where day or night. Telephone connections with residence. No extra 
charges for long distance. 

Sawed Stone Grave Vaults at cost. 

All work done at the lowest living prices. 
OFFICE -215 E Main St. McCOMB, O. 

Branch at BENTON RIDGE, O. 


Mammoth Furniture S 

W. €m 

Is now thoroughly slocked with 
Holidays Goods. You are cordi- 
ally iuvited to call and inspect my 
stock. Over 200 ROCKERS to 
select from. 25 different styles of 
rock bottom Prices. 


Physician G- Surgeon. 

Resilience 5 doors east 

of Record Office. 

Calls answered day or 


Diseases of the stomach 

a specialty. 

Office over Hcnney's Drug Store. 

Born, March 1, 1898, to Mr. ami 
Mrs. Frank Rader, a daughter. 

Mr. Andrew J. Spitler has bought 
a farm of forty aires of Lewis 
Strouse in Portage township, for 
which he paid #2,500. 

Among the marriage licr-nses 
issued Wednesday was one to Mr. 
Wintield A. Wisely and Miss Laura 
L. Deter, Both of McComb. 

Mr- J. N. Ricard has sold the 
McComb Mills to Mr. J.Tarault, of 
Toledo. Mr. W. Hawley, who has 
been in charge of the mill, expects 
to remain until April 1, at which 
date he will remove with his family 
to Toledo, 

Thomas Caskey, one of the pio- 
neers of Hancock county and long a! 
resident of McComb, passed away 
from earth last Saturday, Feb. 26. I 

Communication by telephone was | 
opened up Monday between the store j 
of C. E. Henney in McComb and 
the Joy House in Findlay. 

Married, at Findlay, Thursday, ' 
March 3, 1808, Mr. Sam Williams 
and Mrs. C. Geisler, both of Mc- 

Incidents of Mar. II, 1898. 

,~\ V /iDOW [ngohl reached the 
\,\/ seventieth anniversary of j 
V V h er birth Tuesday last. 
To honor the event a number of her ! 
relatives and neighbors assembled at 
her home on North Todd St., and 
had a big dinner and a good time. | 

Mrs. Geo. E. Miller died last 

Saturday at Hoytsville, at accouch- 
ment. Mother and child werejinter- 
red iu one grave in McComb ceme- 
tery Monday. She was in her 31st 
year, and leaves a husband aDd four 

Mr. Well Montgomery, the genial 
postal clerk, was at Columbus last 
week to take the customary seroi- 
oceasional examination required of 
the postal employees. He made a 
record of 09 and 85-100 out of a 
possible 100. The Year Book 
takes pride in its boys, of whom 
Well is one of our best. 

Mrs. Mary McAoelly died Satur- 
day last at her home in Biglick 
township. She was eighty-six 
years old and had resided there since 
1836, a period of sixty-two years. 
Her husband, who died in 1833, had 
been prominent in the affairs of 
Hancock county, having been a rep- 
resenative and aiso a senator in the 
State Legislature. 

Mr. Henry Bails was found dead 
in his bed. at the residence of his 
son Mr. James Bails in Portage-tp. 
last Wednesday morning. lie 
been in bis usual health" up to the 
time of retiring. When his son 
called him be received do response, 
and investigation of the cause re- 
vealed the faot of his death. Be 
was in his TSth year. Funeral ser- 
vices will be beld at his home to-day 

at one o'clock p. ill. Rev. \Y . if. 

Scoles officiating. 

Incidents of Mar. 18, 1898. 

■'"^-y'T WAS necessary to ampu- 
♦ I tate the limb of Cassius 

q I Sawtelle, who was injured 

^- / by a Nickel Plate train near 
McCorab about three weeks ago. 

The case of Levi Wooster vs. 
Palmer A. Ritchcy anent the elec- 
tric light matter, under temporary 
injunction, was decided in favor of 
Ritcbey, at Canton, Tuesday, the 
injunction being made permanent 
and Wooster enjoined from inter- 
fering with the running of the plant 
by Mr. Ritchey. A receiver will be 
appointed to settle up the affairs, 
but the plant will continue to run. 

At the close of the regular ser- 
vices last Sunday morning a congre- 
gational meeting was held. 

Messrs. Jno. Blakeraan and Milt 
Warner were re-elected trustees; the 
ruster of the trustees being now. 
Messrs. Geo. T. Smith, Ed. Leath- 
ers, Jno. Blakeman, Milt Warner, 
and Mraes. C. F. Speice and Harry 

Mr. David Gulp celebrated the 
64th anniversary of his birth Tues- 
day last, by a big dinner to his 
nearest relatives. 

One of the most delightful meet- 
ings of the Thimble Club this win- 
ter was held at the home of Miss 
Sarah Cooper, Saturday afternoon 
last. Owing to the darkness and 
gloominess of the day, not a great 
deal of work was accomplished. 
Various forms of amusement were 
introduced, the most interesting 

and unique one being the geography 
test. Miss Nell Saffell was the 
fortunate winner of the prize, which 
was a handsome letter seal. The 
dainty lunch served was only an- 
other of the many pleasaut features 
of the day. 

The next date aunounced is Marcu 
26th. Miss L. Belle Moore will 
entertain at that time. 

Mr. L. Culp goes 10 Chicago to- 
day, to continue there the medical 
course of study begun at Columbus. 

Incidents of Mar. 25. 1898. 

"•—■■ ^T^\ERRIN avenue is the 
♦ \sS coming aristocratic resi- 
I dence street. Three 
new buildings are to 
grace the Ave. this spring. That 
of Mr. Bert Lovell is well under 
roof; material is now on the ground 
for that of Mr. Frank Collins; and 
the third is to be erected by the 
elder Mr. Lovell. When the sewer 
is completed and the avenue paved 
it will become the principal thor- 
oughfare for the farmers from the 
north and northeast of town. 

We're next door to postoffice. 
handy for you to stop in and price 
our goods and talk trade to us, 
And we invite you to do so. 

Bierer & Loy. 

Mrs. J. W. Pennington died of 
consumption at her home in Indian- 
apolis, Ind., Tuesday of last week. 
She was but recently a visitor here 
at the home of her husband's 

Mr. J. F. Hickerson, cousin of 
Mr. J. II. Hickerson of this city, 
died suddenly at his home in Find- 
lay, Tuesday morning last. He was 
70 years of age. His body was 
taken to Gilboa for burial. 

Married, at Bowling Green, by 
Rev. Arnold, Monday, March 21, 
1898, Mr. Erwin O. Leathers, of 
McComb, and Miss Gertrude Sny- 
der, of Bairdstown. 

Married, at the residence of the 
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jere 
Oaks in this city, Sunday evening 
March -20, 1898, Mr. Cyrus V. 
Dilliuger and Miss Nellie R. Oaks. 

The prospective graduates ot the 
McComb High School at the close 
of the present term will numbe'r ten. 
Their names are as follows: 

Misses: Blanche Crawford, Kate 
McCamey, Pearl Grose, Eva Hull, 
Nellie Rotz. 

Masters: John Bolton, Elmer S. 
Bolton, Merlie A. Davis, Dorwin 
C. Lynn and Harry McDonald. 

A parting social function was 
given Monday evening at their 
home by Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mar- 
tie, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Hawley, 
which was participated in by their 
fellow members of the Benedict 
Club and The Wives of the Twelve. 
Mr. and Mrs Hawley, since coming 
amoug us, have sustained a promi- 
nent position both in business and 
society, and have made many friends 
who will regret their departure. 

ncidents of April 1, 1898. 

\RRIED, at C.lumbus 
Grove, Wednesday, Mar. 

30, 1898, Mr. II. Bussei t 
(formerly of this 
city,) and Miss Margaret Bogari, of 
the former place. 

Mr. Thomas Shearer's new and 
handsome sprinkling wagon arrived 
Monday. It is a mammoth affair, 
supplied with all the latest devices 
for effective work. 

Incidents of April 8, 1898. 

j| born in Pennsylvania, Mar. 

QJ J- 28, 1816. 

He died at his home in Portage 

township, April 7, 1898. 

He reached the ripe age of 83 

years and 10 days. 

Mr. Will Rubiuson has sold his 
restaurant to Mr. C. W. Yantis, 
and has bought the restaurant of 
Nr. Bert Inks. 

As has been anticipated for some 
time by those acquainted with the 
facts, the old Findlay Courier his 
been compelled to succumb to the 
hard times, called by some for the 
sake of euphony "The Wave of 
Prosperity." Tuesday last Mrs. 
Georgiana Glessner, proprieter of 
the paper, ami her sou Fred H. 
Glessuer, who has boon managi r 
ami editor for years, made deeds .>f 
asaignement to Fred P. Whitley. 
The publication of the. paper will 
be continued by the assignee. 

i. frank HICKER50H 
Real Estate Exchange. 


HcComb, Ohio. 

Stony Creek, Va. 
For Sale and Exchange. 

Improved farms in Ohio, Indiana 
and Michigan from $35 to §65 per acre. 
Virginia Valley farms from 15 to 
$20 per acre. 

A large list of town properties to select from. If you want to 
sell your farm or town property it will pay you to consult this 
agency. Commission reasonable. 

M. A. Darbyshire M. D. 
Physician & Surgeon. 

— « »» im »~ 

Special attention given to the treat- 
ment of Catarrhal disease of the 
nose, throat and lungs. 

Office hours from 7 to 9 a. m. 1 to 3 

and 7 to 9 p. m. 

Office above Bank, McComb, O. 


Physician & Surgeon. 

Treats Chronic diseases and 

disease of Women. 

Calls answered day or night. 

Office at residence, South Todd St. 

Mr. Jos. A. Lytle. of Deuhler, 
lias graduated from the Cleveland 
Homeoepathic Medical College. 

The Record made mentiou last 
week that the trousseau was ready 
and that the wedding bells might be 
listened for. 

Well, they have rung, and the 
Record can now make the announce- 
ment of the marriage of Mr. H. E. 
Brubaker and Miss Lottie Hull, in I 
this city, Wednesday noon, April 6, 
1898, and accompany the anuouuce-| 
ment with our hearty cougrtulations j 
and good wishes. 

Dr. and Mrs. Brubaker will oc- 1 
upy the residence of the bride's j 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Hull, who j 

peel to remove to their farm south : 
of town. 

Tuesday evening the city firemen I 
elected the following officers: Chief, 
T. C. Brown; foreman, J. H. Mus- 
ser; Asst. foreman, hose, Mel John- 
son; Asst. foreman, ladders, S. R. 
Groves; Sec, J. A. Groves; Treas., 
T. C. Brown; trustee, H. F. Heifer. 

Incidents of April 15, 1808. 


,NLY a few brief weeks ago a 
daily greetiug came to us 
from J. R. Crawford. 
Today that pleasant smile has 
rantsfaed, those lips have become 

silent, and the kindly spirit that 
dwell in the earthy tenement of 
flesh has passed out and on. 

Mr. John R. Crawford was born 
at Bellville, Richland county, O., 
June J'2, 18-22, and hence was 75 
years. 9 months and 15 days old at 
the date of his death, Wednesday 
morning, April 13, 1898. 

Tuesday Miss Blanche Gault, 
about fifteen years of age, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Gault. resid- 
ing on Cooper street, was raking up 
leaves and other rubbish about the 
lot and burning the stnff, 38 is cus- 
tomary at the advent of spring. 

By some means the tire was com- 
rauicated to her clothing. She ran 
iu her fright and this fanned the 
flames. Her mother ran to her re- 
lief and received some slight burns. 
Neighbors coming to her aid tin- 
clothing was torn from the young 
lady and the tire extinguished, but 
not until she was dreadfully burned. 

Miss Libbie Harper, of Haycs- 
ville, has been here this week ne- 
gotiating the sale of her business 
site on Main street, the scene of the 
recent fire. 

The sale was closet! Monday to 
Mr. G. C. Robinson. 

The frontage is :11V feet. The 
lot adjoins that of Mr. Mallott, 011 
which a new brick building is now 
being erected. 

Mr. Robinson will proceed at ouce 
to the erection of a two story brick 
building, with two business rooms 
below and residence flats above. 

Incidents of April 22, 1808. Howell 10 take care of this side of 
pleasant township, anil Dr. Court- 
T >NDKR the new law Mch right the Shawtowu locality. 
\ / sub- district is entitled to j The Griffin family is well to the 

^-^ three school directors, one front. Mr. S. A. Griffin lias he<'n 
of whom is to be chosen as clerk chosen Mayor of litwsmi, and his 
and ns representative to the town- [son, L. E. Griffin, has been elected 
ship board. Following is the ros- ! Mayor of ITicksvillc. 
ter for Pleasant township, the first] R " |p< c „_ J ( 07sk ; MS)M1 , of () lta „a, 
named in each rah district being who ; , la8 bee „ a „ siad ,„ lhe , tore 
the one selected as clerk and repro- ()f Ml . c G | eck | ePi ^ hol , g ,,t tMe 
senalive, ami who was present at | re!t idence property of Mr*. Eliza- 
the reorganization of the township 1 ,, eth K ,| wal ,, s „„ wwl Soillh St 
hoard Monday last. and will, with his Family, remove 

No. 1. W. G. Haley, J. Sell roll to ihi s city about .May 1st. 
and li. A. Morrison. . ' 

No. 2. Grant Pendleton, Lewis [he marriage of Mr John Apple 
Greethara and A. A. Rudisill. a Mls8 , Ge ^ t! "<*«'»"' «• «*>'" 

No, 3. F. S. KcbiiiKon, John »«"'"»«*■« ;> u "< la .v »fw™oon »t and A. L. Hails. three o clock at the home ,,f the 

No. 4. O. M. Kellev, J. Stafford hn :' e * l ja, .7,' ,ts > ''>' R " V - E ' Lo<KW ' 
and A. B. ' [of lloylsv.lle. 

No. 5. P.Grose, H. li. Kader j Mrs. Thomas Patterson, formerly 
and .1. W. George. Jof this place, died at her home in 

No. 0. S. Bihler, II. VV. Rader j Bloomdale, Saturday of last week, 
and M. McCartney. from acute gastritis. Her remains 

N'>. 7. J. Dillinyer, J.Wiihrowj were brought to this city Monday 
and T. Ltoilk. for interment, services being held 

No. 8. II. Wells, S. Schilling I at the Presbyterian church. 

and Win. Gatilt. 

No. 9. G. b'oliz, Mrs A. D 

and W 

Incidents of April 29. 1898. 

and \\ in. Compton. j /7^\""7TTf ,. . ... „ , ., . 

No 10. W.Vonstein, M. Lape ' f V « r™ "''■ M . ^ f 1 ™*' 
and Wm. Kellev. A' J ° f 1, " slo '' ,;, •, '"»vi"g been a 

No. 11. I. milingslev, J. IngoldiJr <»»*"» l ™ •"■™»« B?*"*. 

and B. F. Elliell. ' j Church Chimes and the (.ospel Way 

and rood, bad become so m fused 

The Board of Infirmary Directors j with piety and patriotism that lie 
was in town Tuesday for the pin- could not resist the impulse to fly to 
pose of appointing a township physi- , the relief of suffering Culpa and to 
cian. Thcv really hired two — Dr. the upholding of the honor of our 

country- So Tuesday night he ran 
down to here, ami informing hi* 
mother lie had enlisted for the war, I 
he hade her and other friend* good | 
bye, and hastened off for the front. 
May he go through unscathed and 
return covered with glory. 

A gentleman who contemplate* I 
enlisting for the war was making in- 
quiries of some of the the vets, in I 
order to tret information that might 
prove useful to him in the service.! 
and incidentally make life in camp 
more agreeable. Among these '• 
queries propounded in all serious- 1 
ness he asked, "Where will a fel-l 
low get his laundering done?" "All 
the laundry you will need will he a! 
curry comb." was the reply '-What' 
will that he for?" came the query. 
"To rake off the grey hacks," was 1 
the response. 

The follow young men, residents! 
in the vicinity' of Portage Chapel, 
who are members of Co K. Second i 
Regiment 0. N. G., left Mm, day 
morning for North Baltimore to 
join their company, which had 
been ordered to the front: C. Cos- 
ner, Chas. Miller, Will LI ark ness, 
KerrKempler and Cloyee Hudson. 

Married, by Rev. Trask, at bis 
residence near Shawtown, Sunday 
April 24, 1808, Mr. F--ank Karrick, 
of Fostoria. and Miss Annetta St. 
John, of Deweyville. 

Incidents of May 0, i8o#. 

OTTTFTeinaius of Mr. C. Jewell, 
♦ I brother of Mr. Frank Jewell, 
-*- of this place, and son of Mr 

Grant Jewell, formerly of lloyto- 
ville, were brought to this place 
Monday morning for interment. 
lie was a consumptive, and death 
occurred at Rochester, X. V. 

The d.ath of Capt. .1. S. Prebble. 
which had been anticipated for some 
time past, occurred Tuesday even- 
ing of this week. Funeral services 
were held at the family residence in 
this place yesterday afternoon, con- 
ducted by Rev. Scoles. 

Mr. Will Bolton has enlisted in 
Troop A. Cleveland Cavalry. Will 
is a soldier by law of heredity: and 
will give a good account uf himself 
when opportunity offers, or else we 
are mistaken iu our guess. 

McComb went wild with patriotic 
enthusiasm last Saturday night. The 
surrounding farming population 
canid to town in loto. The streets 
were jammed, cheer upon cheer tore 
the ozone, war was the word upon 
every lip, and when Capt. Matthias' 
cavalry volunteers made their parade 
from the Grand Army ball to the 
Record office and back, the old town 
broke entirely loose, and fourteen 
Fourth of July celebrations in one 
wouldn't any more have been in it 
than the Spanish fleet in the Phillip- 
pines last Sunday when Commodore 
Dewey did something 10 it. 

The governor has replied to Capt. 
Matthias' tender of his force with 
the statement that the volunteers 
will not he called out until the reg- 
ular forces need reinforcements. 

Incidents of May 13, 1898. 

R. Alonza Bennett has 
been declared guilty of 

On the 13th of 
December last the body of Mrs. 
Bennett was found in a canal lock 
near the Lake Shore tracks. The 
day following Bennett was arrested 
charged with muider. 


N. B. Stevens, who recently re- 
moved from McComb to Findlay, 
shot himself through the heart 
Monday of this week. 

The sad affair occurred about 9 
o'clock. Mr. Stevens bad been 
drinking <|uite freeh and was par- 
tially under the influence of liquor. 
lie had picked up a revolver, which 
was lying on the dresser and was 
toying with it in his hands. 

His wife came into the room and, 
noticing his intoxicated condition, 
attempted to attract his attention. 
She turned as if to pick up some ob- 
ject, and while her back was turned, 
he placed the revolver to his heart 
and fired the fatal shot. He died 
rive minutes later. 

Married, at Spencerville, Tues- 
day, May 10, 1898, .Mr. L. C. Dye 
and Miss Curie Shafer. 

Bom, May 4, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Cal Racier, a son. 

Born, May 8, to Mr. aud Mrs. 
VVm. Polsdoffer, a daughter. 

Incidents of May 20, 1898. 

(0"f HE jury in the case of Frank 
♦ I Carman, on trial at Findlay 
-*- for the murder of Officer 
Holly, returned a verdict Wednes- 
day of manslaughter, the penalty 
for which is from one to twenty 
years' imprisonment. 

The funeral of Miss Blanche 
Gault, the estimable daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Gault. whose 
injury by tire was announced in last 
week's Record, occurred from the 
M. E. church last Friday. 

Alonzo Bennett, couvicted by an 
intelligent petit jury at Toledo of 
manslaughter, when tried on the ( 
charge of drowning his wife in the 
canal, has been sentenced to ten 
years in the penitentiary. 

[dcldents of May 27, 1898. 

T THE meeting last Friday 
evening committees were 
Qj J- appointed to attend to the 
various features of the fourth, with 
the following chairmen: 

Advertising, J. Ewing; Music, E. 
Crawford; Sports, J. Martin; Speak- 
ing, Dr. Matthias; parade, ELovell; 
Fireworks, Dr. Ilersb; Decoration, 
C. Ewing; Balloon, J. Shoop; Rag- 
tag, Sam Russ. 

The salary of McComb's post- 
master has been restored to the old 
•jure of ¥ 1, 100 per year. 


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share of the busiuesa. 


The mortal remains of Mr. B. 
Conn, of Leipsic, were interred in 
cemetery last Sunday. 

>f Marion-tn . 


Mr. G. B. Alba 

died Saturday last on the farm 
which lie entered in 1839, cleared 
and resided upon'to the day of his 
death. He was in his 8Sth year. 
For more than 40 years he was an 
elder of the West Union Presby- 
terian cburcli at Van Buren. 

[ncidents of June 'A, 1898. 
fpjEWIS Dukes, sr., of Blanchard 
township, claims tbft honor of 
having lived in Hancock Co. 
longer than any man 
now living. For 70 consecutive 
years he has resided within the Co. 
limits, ami during the entire period 
he has lived upon the same farm. 

Mr. H. C. Vandyke, formerly of 
this place, writes the Record that 
he and Miss Susie Hughes were 
married at Bowling Green, May 1st, 
1898, and that they are now located 
at Paris, Tenn. 

Mrs. E. Ilickerson, secretary of 
the village school board, kindly 
furnishes the Record with the fol- 
lowing figures, the result of recent 
canvass of the population of Mc- 

6 to 8 years old 61 

8 to 14 years old lot) 

14 to lo" years old 59 

10 to -21 years old in 




This is 
last vear. 


in increase of five 'over 
We beat Findlay, which 
an increase of one. 

[ncidents of June lO, 1898. 

/^\ARDS of invitation to the 
I ^ graduating exercises of class 
1 * of '98 of the Wooster Uui- 

^ — -*"" - versity were received 
Tuesday, by friends here, from Mr. 
G. VV. Simon, who is a member of 
the class. The exercises will be 
from| June 11 to 16 inst. 

Mr. II. H. Ilassler, mail carrier, 
Findlay, son in-law of Mr. J. Tipton, 
of this place, died Monday eveniug 
at his home in Findlav, at the atre 
of 36 years. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. 

Tipton, Mrs. L. Smila and daughter, 
Hettie, of this place, went, over to 
the funeral Wednesday. 

ItfekVeiitsof June 17, 1898. 



FTKR eighty-three year* 
sojourn in this world "Un- 
cle Hack" Conine peace- 
iilly passed to another sphere of ex- 
istence yesterday evening about 6 
o'clock, June 16, 1898. 

Mr. Asa Rhodes, aged about 20 
yearn, died of consumption Sunday 
evening last. His home was three 
miles «est of to.wn. Funeral ser- 
vices were held Monday afternoon 

at the Oukc 

i, Rev Scoles 

Bom, June 19, to Mr. and Mrs. 
G. Gorrell, a daughter. 

Mrs. Martha Smith, widow of 

; .Mr. Gideon Smith, died at her home 

j in I'ortage township last Sunday 

I morning. She was in her "3d year. 

funeral services were held Tuesday. 


of McComh, 

is, of North 

icd last Suii- 
12. L898, K 

Mrs. John 

nnd Miss Mild 
Baltimore, were niarr 

Born, Sunday, June ... 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Baker, of|' u g. Ml ^' • 
Oeweyville, twin daughters, 

uoiidiicted hv Rev. J. Williams, of 
Ottawa. Interment iu Vim Bureu 

Roilie A. Gorrell, who has lieeu 
working in a cooper shop at Reail- 
:n listed in a Michi- 
Igan regiment a* a light artilleryman 
and is now at Chickanmuga. 
Fncitlt'iittn of Jun« 24 1SD8. The remains of the mother of .Mr. 
- ,n W. 0. Von Stein, of Shawlowu, 

Ol UK advertising mailer for our I wcro i„ „| lt |„. n . |,, r i„ le riiieiil, 

hig Fourth of JulycelehrHtion L ol| fr0lll Wyandot county. 
- 1 - is all out. and the committee 

is busy distributim the same all "'■ L U "'V' ^'""' ' :'?" 

over Northwestern Ohio. Give Mc- more ' ,ra!iUJe ol tbe ', a lair weather day and she'll }»!» u « , "' 11 ' 



and Mr. Ritchey and 

'. are in town to-day 

final settlement of the 

I li^ht plant complication. 

lt,u | "Air. Frederick (Mr. Kilchcy's 

'!'' uncle), in consideration nf n mort- 

••make a ki 

Monday last the P 
the Senate, I o i eotiHl 

pointment of Or. J. II. Boger, as gage upon the plant, paid off all tin 
postmaster of Fimllay. The «|>- 1 j„deblediiess. and Mr, Kilchey will 
pointment was confirmed 0O w proceed to sup pi v all demands 
<lay. for light mid give SlcCon.b whal 

Horn. .Ill 
II. M. Flel 
to Mi 

it has be. 
•hi sen 

MtComb KECOK1) supplement. Dec. JO. 180S. 

4- -*|MH^«- 4* 

To the reader. It was my intention when I 
began this work to embody the events of the 
whole year in one volume. But the patronage 
received was not such as to justify the issue of 
so large a pamphlet. If the business men be- 
come convinced that this is a good method of 
advertising, a second volume will be issued 
shortly, covering the last half of the year 1898. 


Bright i Renshler, 




■We have- just pulsed over our first and successful year in 
lsiness. 'We Have remodelled our rooms from floor to 
jiling. One. glance at our place of business will show 
lat we have done tor the many patrons -we have. . Since 
ve. came here we have added two hue funeral cars, one 
ick and the other white, also atine pallbearers' wagon, an 
k^ambu lance and closed cab. ' We also introduced the 
M§Te putting in our trade at $10.(K) each. We lead in 
Everything connected with the UP-TO-DATE UNDER- 
1 TAKER and our prices are lower than those who follow. 
k We also have added a fine ART STORE where you can 
buy anything used by the artist. Over TWO HUN- 



Willi Wi 




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jg± NOV 93